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About Univers Parallele

Our mission is to offer the best virtual reality video games experience in Montreal.

Located on Ste-Catherine Street, in downtown Montreal, Univers Parallele is the best place for virtual reality gaming experience. The space includes 18 individual stations, 4 free roaming spaces as well as the very first Hado center in the province. The space has been designed to become the reference in Montreal.

Augmented reality


First physical eSport using augmented reality technology.

Unlike virtual reality, HADO readers are not limited by any cables, controllers and screens needed for navigation.

HADO players engage a virtual fight freely in a real-world arena, carrying wireless head-mounted displays and wrist motion sensors, using only gestures to launch missiles or to protect from their opponents.

A unique experience

Our games

Univers Parallele’s space includes 18 individual stations designed to accommodate one user at a time and 4 free roaming spaces. The player can choose from a catalog of more than 40 games by navigating in each virtual reality headsets.

Our games are selected to appeal people of all ages including educational and cultural games, taking advantage of all the benefits of the virtual reality.

Virtual reality

18 individual booths and 4 free roaming spaces with over 40 fun, educational and cultural games available through the same headset.


First physical eSport to use this unique augmented reality technology in the province.


Several individual and group game options are available. Contact us or see the detailed price list and current promotions.


Introductory offer
15% discount on first booking

* Rates may change at any time without notice. Check the pricing page and the booking section to ensure current prices.

If you have questions about availability, group reservation or user experience at Univers Parallele, write us using the form or by email at

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