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DOWNTOWN montreal


Univers Parallèle is committed to provide the best Virtual Reality video gaming environment in Montreal.

Located in the heart of downtown, Univers Parallèle is a new center in Montreal dedicated to Virtual Reality. There are 18 individual stations, 4 “free roaming” spots as well as the very first HADO game center in Quebec. The center has been designed to become the benchmark for fun and education using  top of the line virtual technologies.

augmented reality


First physical eSport game in the world using Augmented Reality technology.

Play HADO unfettered  by the cables, controllers, and screens necessary for navigation.

Freely enter into virtual combat, while in the same physical arena as your teammates and opponents,  Wiuth wireless screens mounted on your heads and motion sensors on your wrists, you will use gestures to launch projectiles or to block your opponents’ parries..

A unique experience

game types

& pricing

Our games have been specially selected to please you, regardless of your age. We have deliberately  chosen different types of experiences (eg, fun, adventure, multiplayer, educational, and cultural, among many others) to showcase the versatility of the virtual experience.


18 individual stations and 4 “free roaming” spaces, providing you with more than 40 fun, educational and cultural games.

Adult: $ 32 / hour, Child: $ 28 / hour


The first physical eSport in the world, using Augmented Reality technology, is now in Quebec.

6 plyrs: $ 114 / 30min, 4 plyrs: $ 90 / 30min

escape room

Collaborate in a realistc environment in teams of 2 or 4 to solve  the enigma conceived by Ubisoft.

Adult: $ 32 / hour, Child: $ 28 / hour


You are in the cockpit of a full motion  simulator. Feel every vibration, but above all, every emotion of race car driving.

Adults: $ 39 / hour, Child: $ 33.5 / hour



Play alone or in a team! Spin, walk, run, sprint, strafe, or even squat to take cover or pick up items, on a cutting edge treadmill

Adult: $ 39 / hour, Child:  $ 33.5 / hour

free roaming

Collaborate in teams of 2 or 3 to defeat your enemies. Move together in the same arena of up to 35m2. Watch your avatars struggle to survive in the virtual arena.

$ 39 / hour adults, $ 33.5 / hour children

* Rates are subject to change at any time without prior notice. Check the reservation section to ensure current prices.

For your questions regarding the Univers Parallèle experience, availability and group reservations, you can either call us at 438-357-1229, fill the form or write us an email at